Shauna Kruse-Owner/Photographer

First of all, welcome to my page!  I am passionate about what I do, and hope that comes across with my photos. I am an avid reader, so combining my passion for reading with my passion for photography by doing book covers is amazing! I licensed over 180 book covers in 17 months which blows my mind! I now have well over  400 covers licensed.  It is an honor for me to have my photo on your cover so I want to help you, the author in any way I can, so I offer payment plans on my images, and promote in any way I can to help you.  By purchasing a beautiful cover through me you aren't just buying a photo, you are purchasing the help of the person behind the lens.  Now let's make your book cover come to life!  We have two options, an existing image, and a custom book cover (better deal for your money) Please read below to see which works best for you!  Feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you need help finding a model that fits your character!

Make your book cover pop with a beautiful exclusive photo. Purchasing your cover through Kruse Images and Photography it means you will have an original and exclusive photo with real life models for your cover that will draw your readers in. Once a photo is sold for a cover that same photo will not be sold to any other authors! By purchasing through KIP, you are also supporting another small business owner/artist instead of the big stock sites. You also get built in marketing since many readers will purchase a book just because a certain model is on the cover, and the model and photographer will be marketing your book as well.  We can bring your vision to life with a custom shoot, or help you find an existing image to fit your needs. We understand that many of you are independent authors without big payrolls behind you, so we are very happy to work out a payment plan that works for both of us!

My prices for an existing image are $525 (includes tax for a photo with one model and $725 for a photo with two models. This gets you exclusive rights to use of the photo for book covers and other promotional materials, but doesn't include commercial rights to sell posters or calendars or anything of that nature. The prices includes a model fee of $200 for each model unless the model requires more than that $200.  Please inquire about the fees if you are looking for a specific model as some models charge for for their fees.  We can save your image with a deposit and work out a payment plan if needed!


For Custom shoots the fee is $750 which includes the session fees, an exclusive gallery, and either a front cover and nine teasers, or a front and back cover with four teasers,  with exclusive rights for a book cover and promotional material (but of course does not include the commercial rights to sell products) and a $250 model fee.  Please be aware that model fees for the custom shoots may vary depending on the model, some may charge more than the $250. Travel costs up to and including airfare, mileage, hotel and food must be covered as well.  Custom shoots are great if you have a specific vision in your mind for your cover that we can help bring to life with your creative input.  It also gives you those extra images for teasers and other promotional items leading up to your cover reveal.  This shoot with the clothes and ideas brought by the authors will be exclusive although I may shoot the same models in different locations and clothing for stock images or other authors.

Images can also be purchased for non-exclusive promos, to be used as teasers on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These images are $150 each, non-exclusive, will have the watermark on them and can only be used as teasers and not as covers.

There are proof galleries available to view for each of our models where you can choose your next cover.  Just contact us for the link and password.

See our models here!


Below you'll find just a few of my covers that have been revealed.  If you like what you see, click the link to buy the book on Amazon!


Click to buy Trusted by Vicki Green Author:Vicki Green Models: Storm Bailey Meghan Jonhson   The Regret by Vicki Green Click to buyHandled by Angela Graham and SE HallAuthor: Angela Graham and SE Hall Model: Sean Smith   Luke by H.J. Bellus Buy Packaged by Angela Graham and SE HallAuthor: Angela Graham and SE Hall Model: Sean Smith Buy Adding Tyn by Danica Avet Taming Hels by Danica Avet   Buy Tempering Steel by Lea Barrymire Buy Juice by Michelle McLoughney Buy Rian by Michelle McLoughney     Buy The Rocker who Cherishes Me by Terri Browning Buy the Rocker Who Hates Me by Terri Browning Buy Seducing Wrath by Lynne St James   Buy Accepting Cherry by Chrissy Snyder Buy a Bad Boy for Summer by Joanna Blake Buy Bro' by Joanna Blake Buy Player by Joanna Blake Buy Beloved Ink by Ranae Rose Buy Alluring Ink by Ranae Rose Buy Dark Blue by Ranae Rose Buy Cannon by Sabrina Paige Buy Prick by Sabrina Paige Buy Dirty by A.C.Bextor Stone Deep by Tess Oliver and Anna Hart Buy Driven Hunger by Julie Morgan Buy Endless Devotion by SC Miotto Buy Entice by Stacey Lynn Memphis Black by MJ Fields Buy Forbidden Faith by TJ West Harmony's Healing by TJ West Buy Purple Rain by TJ West Buy Rain Street by TJ West Buy When the Mission Ends by Christi Snow Buy Justin by Christi Snow Buy Lance by Christi Snow Joshua by Christi Snow Right by Your Side by Christi Snow Photo Op Serendipity by Christi Snow Of Demons and Stones My One Regret by Krissy V Buy Out of Centerfield by L. Mertz Buy Rebuilding Stone by T. Saint John Buy Retribution by Mandy Lou Dowson Rock Star Redemption by Jenna Galicki Annie & Randy by Ryleigh Rhodes Buy Saving Dancer by Jordan Marie Buy Scars from Within by Elizabeth Princeton Buy Right kind of Wrong by Shelly Jones Buy The Emancipation of Love by Mary E Palmerin Buy Fighting for her Dragon by Julia Mills Buy Tempting his Heart by Dawn Sullivan Buy Nico's Heart by Dawn Sullivan Buy Phoenix's Fate by Dawn Sullivan Buy Trace's Temptation by Dawn Sullivan Buy Wayward Angel by K. Renee Buy Wayward Valentine by K. Renee Buy Wayward Soul by K. Renee Buy Wayward Beginning by K. Renee Love Him Back by Kris Nacole (back cover by me) Longing for Love by Vicki Green. (back cover male model by me)