"HONOR THE SACRIFICE" is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness and raising support for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen and the programs which assist their recovery from both physical and emotional wounds, as well as those which facilitate their effective transition from military service back into productive pursuits in the civilian sector. Key to this is including the support of their Families, without which we cannot effectively function in the military. We further pay homage and keep strong the flame of remembrance burning for those who've made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of their fellow man or who have yet to return home from the field of battle. "HONOR THE SACRIFICE" also encourages public introspection as to the courage, heroism and commitment demonstrated by our military men and women through the stories behind their sacrifices and trials of war.

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Kruse Images and Photography is proud to work with  Honor the Sacrifice to help support their efforts for our Veterans and Active Duty Service Members. Last year we donated $1500 and this year we have raised over $12,000 so far. To help our efforts, please click the donate button below and pick an amount.  Every little bit helps!  Donations will be part of the complete amount we donate.  You can also purchase the 13 month calendar here