My dad wanted to find something that my mom could make and sell when they brought their jam and sauce to craft shows, so he taught himself how to make beautiful hand crocheted necklaces. He then taught my mom, and my mom taught me. Each necklace is 8 strands with a decorative bead in the back that makes it slightly adjustable. They are lightweight, perfect for traveling, great for people with metal sensitivities and they add a pop of color to any outfit, from t-shirts to that little black dress. Buy just one, or buy one for every occasion! They make great gifts as well. 




                    Green $21                                                                     Rainbow $21



              Green and Yellow $21                                                            Gold $21



                  Blue & Green $21                                                              Black $21



                        Lavender $21                                                              Purple $21



                        Rainbow $21                                                        White with Crystals $25





Crocheted Necklaces





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